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Handwriting Experts California Rates & CV

Initial document review and consultation can be turned around in a little as 2-5 business days.

The more complicated cases which include multiple Questioned documents, multiple suspects, or specific advanced forensic tests will take longer. Fully compliant reports for both civil and criminal cases. Call our team of forensic document examiners for an exact quote and turnaround time on your case. 1-800-980-9030

Just call Bart’s office at 323-544-9277 ext 1

Each of our cases contain a variety of questioned documents, known documents, and even suspect documents. Some cases are much more complex than others. Some cases require on-site microscopic examination, photographs, and court exhibits. Some cases require less time and less forensic equipment to complete the assignment. We can provide a agreed upon flat rate based on your specific case.

No surprises. No Guess work.

If you are planning on hiring a document examiner solely based on the a fair price, you are are in luck. Despite Mr. Baggett’s deep experience and fame, he has maintained a similar price structure as his graduating students and industry peers so that the clients can choose based on ‘quality’ and not price. Bart Baggett’s rate schedule is in the normal range of document examiners nationwide for testimonial time and courtroom appearances… the prices listed above for the initial consultation, lab work, and letter of opinion are below the average industry prices. But, Mr. Baggett is not the cheapest in the United States.

If you want a “discount price”, please ask about our one of Mr. Baggett’s in house certified experts who work under supervision and conduct the same analysis with his “peer review” on each case.  Perhaps as a team, we can meet your client’s budgetary requirements.

Contact our office for a consultation about your case.  While most of our client are attorneys or large law firms, we welcome individuals to have a conversation about your case if you have not hired an attorney yet.

Bart Baggett has been court qualified and testified in Texas, California, New York, Alaska, and Arizona Courts in cases ranging from the value of a 1974 Pick up truck to the “stock certificate” of a 20 million dollar company. When your case requires the most polished, professional, and articulate forensic document expert witness working today, hire Bart Baggett. Call and speak with him today.



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Bart Baggett – Forensic Handwriting Expert

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